10 Romantic Places in Ukraine

10 Romantic Places in Ukraine

There are a lot of places in Ukraine worth visiting with a beloved person. Every city has something special and unique. However, for a trip with a sweetheart, one needs a special atmosphere. Moreover, if it’s your first common romantic trip, you need to plan everything thoroughly. Thus, check our list of 10 destinations for an unforgettable romantic trip.

“Zebras in Love” Fountain

The fountain is located in the heart of Kyiv. You can get here from Zoloti Vorota or Maidan Nezalezhnosti metro station. Zebras in love are one of the numerous sculptures of the famous Landscape Alley park. Here, you can have a walk along rows of unusual fantasy characters, take fascinating pictures with your second half and sit on benches. The air is imbued with romance, and loving couples usually take selfies beside two zebras. Also, take into consideration that the city center is nearby so that you can easily continue sightseeing after having enjoyed lovely sculptures.

“The Pearl of Love” Fountain

The fountain is situated on Ostashivskyi Pond and the bordering park of Uman city. It was opened on June 25, 2017. Even if your sweetheart has already seen a huge fountain, you should definitely visit this place. The point is that “The Pearl of Love” is on the list of three hugest fountains in Ukraine, which means that the water, laser and light show won’t leave your woman untouched. The night show dazzles spectators by its colors whereas pictures dedicated to the topic of love appearing on the water surface pleasantly impress the visitors.

“The Pearl of Love” fountain has become the second advertising card of the city. Uman has always been famous for “Sofiyivka” arboretum that attracts tourists from all corners of Ukraine. For this reason, in the daytime, you can walk along the shadowy allies of the ancient park.

“Oleksandriya” Park   

The arboretum is situated 80 km far from Kyiv on the outskirts of Bila Tserkva. The park which is a bright example of landscape gardening has been created by Oleksandra Branytska the Countess. Along with numerous alleys, one may see bridges over rivers and lakes, arbors, statues, and vases that have survived since foundation times.

“Oleksandriya” Park boasts about 290 hectares of the vast territory, which means that there is more than enough space for walks. Here, tourists can enjoy the views of several arbors with columns and buildings as well as discover the remnants of some monuments. The most prominent place of the park is “Luna” colonnade, where people take memorable photos. The couples in love like this place because it is very spacious and picturesque.      

Swan Lake      

The park and the lake are situated in Kamyanets-Podilskyi in the canyon of the Smotrych River. On the lake, there is erected an arbor for swans and fountains are demonstrating their power. Not far from this place, there is a sculpture of two angels as if trying to kiss each other. From the sightseeing platforms, there open wonderful looks on the ancient city. One of the bridges over Swan Lake is metallic, and couples usually hang their locks here, for their love to be strong and eternal.

Through this park, you may walk to other city parks – Molodizhnyi and Central. Apart from a cozy park, there are a lot of historical monuments in the city. Why not visit Kamyanets-Podilskyi fortress surrounded by a great canyon at all the sides? It’s better to go to this place in the evening when the lights are turned on, which gives you the feeling as if you were the character of Disney’s tales and cartoons.       

The Lovers’ Monument

An unusual monument that resembles an arch formed by two people in love who are trying to reach each other for a kiss. It is located in the park in Pushkinska Street in Kharkiv. For sure, it isn’t the only romantic place in Kharkiv. Gorkyi Park is an excellent place for walks, here are picturesque alleys, an amusement park with an observation wheel and places for rest. The most fascinating thing for those in love is a cableway. It will take you around 18 minutes to cover 1.5 km at a height from 8 to 26 meters. To get a more complete impression about the city, visit Karpovskyi garden, Terrace public garden and pay attention to the fountains “Cascade” and “Dzerkalnyi Strumin” (“Shining Current”)    

The Italian Patio

The Italian Patio is considered one of the most romantic Odesa places. It is located not far from the famous “mother’s-in-law bridge” and Odesa colonnade. From the bridge, there opens a fascinating view over the Black Sea. Loving people hang locks here to ensure that their relationships are always warm and sincere.

Not far from the colonnade and the bridge, there is Vorontsonvskyi Palace – one of Odesa advertising cards. Right from another side of the bridge, there is a quiet Italian patio hidden. It’s widely popular with loving couples because they can hang the same locks here as well. And among the trees, there is the Lovers’ bridge, where you can take wonderful pictures. What makes this place special is its coziness and quietness that distinguish it from the rest of the city.  

The Love Tunnel

A romantic tunnel with rails is situated not far from a small town of Klevan. It has appeared due to a natural phenomenon. The boughs of trees and bushes have interwoven and created a natural arch with quite regular outlines. This place is rich in powerful energetic field, with two rails symbolizing the fates of two people going by each other’s side. As a belief has it, when loving people are here together, they would be lucky; and if a lonely heart comes here and makes a wish to find a sweetheart, it would definitely come true.

The town itself is an interesting destination, too. Here, tourists can find some ancient cathedrals and the ruins of the fortress of the XV century.  

The Botanic Garden in Chernivtsi

It is one of the oldest botanic gardens in Ukraine. It boasts about trees, bushes, and flowers, as well as some skillfully designed landscape compositions.

The expositions of plants are planted in accordance with their geographical origin. Many trees are more than 100 years old. Two tulip trees of the park are 30 meters high and 150 years old. In the garden, there are several types of tulip trees and tulips, as well as other flowers blooming at different periods of time.

The city of Chernivtsi reminds of an open-air museum. Many of its ancient buildings are well-preserved. One of the most famous buildings is that one of Chernivtsi National University. It is a gorgeous place for walks, learning the history of the city and, of course, taking pictures.

The Narcissi Valley

Not far from Khust town, there is an incredibly beautiful valley of narcissi. Once in a year, from the end of April to the end of May, nature covers a green field with snow-white flowers turning it into a true miracle. The most interesting fact is that narcissi blooming here originally come from the mountains. Presumably, it happened so due to the Ice period, when a part of fertile land moved together with an iceberg to the valley. Mountain current nourished the ground with moisture, which helped the flowers to acclimatize.  

The Maniavskyi Falls

The waterfall is located in the Carpathians, on the territory of Liublinets Sanctuary.  The water falls from a 20-meter-high cliff on the Maniavka river. Due to geographical peculiarities of the territory, there are a lot of waterfalls here. You can get to this fall from an ancient Maniava village stretching along the river. The nature of the Carpathians is stunning, that’s why a walk along the current will lift up your mood and restore your spirit. You can rent accommodation in the village and go sightseeing. And, undoubtedly, a visit to the waterfalls will stay with you for a long time. 

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