Never Get Acquainted with Her Like This

Never Get Acquainted with Her Like This

How to get acquainted with a girl you like? No man is 100% successful at his attempts, that’s why let’s consider what situations are to be avoided if you want to make a good impression on the lady of your heart.

Using tricks to mask your low communicative abilities

A genuine man will never make a girl drunk to get acquainted with her. A real man doesn’t rely merely on his appearance to attract a girl. A true man would never tell fairy-tales about his life to evoke a girl’s interest. What would he do instead?

A real man will provide his woman with food and drinks (not necessarily wine). He will not brag about his impeccable appearance, but will allow his actions to speak for him. A real man never lies … he just makes reality a little sweeter. This is professional dating that will make everything a lot sweeter.

Since we are talking about mistakes and traits that make us humans, let’s make several suggestions here. Anyway, you don’t have to use the abovementioned tricks just to tempt a girl you like; otherwise, it may lead to a disaster.

A genuine man respects women, and tricks mean being disrespectful. That’s obvious and simple. If your potential girlfriend has already been a little bit drunk before you came up to her, it makes a process of getting acquainted a bit simpler, but it doesn’t mean that you are allowed to make her drunk. It’s not bad if she is already in the mood for talking, but lies and cunning are not good anyway. Never play tricks on a girl you want to get acquainted with.

Believing that women are after the same things as men       

It is one of the gravest and most common mistakes a man can ever make. Ask any guy who considers himself good at getting acquainted with girls and, most likely, he will respond that the majority of women are attracted by his actions or words.

However, it’s not always true. The idea of being attractive is rather simple. The majority of women are likely to be attracted by your money and/or big muscles. And again, not every single girl around the globe needs your money. Not every girl is crazy about your sensitivity, and not all respond favorably to your great ability to “feed and make drunk.” There is no universal successful approach.

Surely, some methods are more successful than others, but no method can be the same good with different girls. That’s why it’s necessary to be flexible. You have to learn to adapt to circumstances, even if they diverge from your carefully thought-out plan. In other words, you have to be ready to leave your comfort zone and learn some new methods of getting acquainted.

Digging deeply at a first date    

Despite the reasons, the worst method to impress a woman is to start telling her a story about your family, become a philosopher or overact as if you were the most sensitive and compassionate person. Don’t stick to the style “to get a girl, behave like a girl.” It’s definitely a bad idea to open your soul and share secret thoughts with a girl, especially if it’s your first talk. Keep everything to yourself and just communicate. A joyful lively conversation is the best variant. Don’t go too deep, be a man.

Besides, avoid urging a woman to tell you all her secrets. No matter how intriguing and inspiring this phrase may sound, it is of a little practical value. You may think that such a phrase shows your genuine interest in her and her true personality, but in reality, it will only put her on the alert.

Wondering why it is so? Because typically, when a guy and a girl get acquainted, a man is trying to impress his interlocutor, to show himself in the most favorable light. If this doesn’t happen and he leaves all the talking for a woman, she may start suspecting that he wants to hide something from her or isn’t that honest man and so on.     


Very often, men are trying to create an artificial connection with a girl. They agree to everything she says, she picks the topics for discussion herself, after which you praise her versatile interests and never suggest your own opinions on definite matters. That’s one of the main mistakes.

It is a bad practice to look like an idiot, always nodding and telling “Wow, you also like this film.” The point is that women are quick at detecting such things as overacting and being insincere; besides, choosing this strategy you won’t show your true personality. You will just mirror your girl’s one.

Despite the fact that psychologists keep telling us that we tend to like people who are reflections of ourselves, it is not advisable to act like that. As a matter of fact, soon you’ll realize that women prefer men who know their true self and aren’t afraid to show it. Deeply inside, every woman is dreaming of being conquered by a strong and confident alpha-male, not a sissy boy overloaded with insecurities and fear to express his point of view.         

Using friends 

Maybe, you are a shy guy who finds it difficult to get acquainted with a girl he likes and uses his friends for this purpose. Or it may also happen that there is a group of girls one of whom you like.

Thus, instead of approaching this group right away, at first, you ask your friend to “make her ready” for you and make a first impression about you on her. However, an alike approach only means that you simply lack the courage to approach her yourself. Never act like this.

Even the best friend won’t rescue you because girls are good at spotting such efforts and methods. Despite the fact that it is very difficult to dare approach a group of girls, it’s a bad idea to rely on others. If you have a faithful friend, you can use him, but not as a toady. It is very common and unproductive.  

So, what should I do?

Well, as you have understood there is no unique method to successfully get acquainted with a definite girl, but there are definitely tips that will help you to make a positive impression on her. Be sincere, confident, not clingy and rely mainly on yourself!

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