20 Signs of His Love

Wondering if he loves you but is afraid to tell about that? Check out our list of 20 points that will help you to understand if you really matter to him. Too simple at first glance, they definitely have a deeper meaning

He communicates with you

In a relationship, the more a couple communicates, the better people understand each other. So, if your boyfriend loves you, he will not be able to resist the opportunity to talk about his feelings and desires, and he will also want to know everything about your life. It is the easiest way to build better relationships. Besides, he remembers all the details about you because he really cares

He is fascinated by you

Have you ever noticed how he is looking at you when you are occupied with something? It is a true sign that he cannot get enough of you because he worships you.

For you, he tolerates things he doesn’t like

A guy who really loves you will always want to see you happy. And he will do whatever he wants, even if he himself cannot bear it. Does he watch your favorite soap operas that he finds silly and annoying? Does he go shopping with you to spend more time together? He seems to be really hooked, especially if he is of a different nationality.

He appreciates the time you spend together.

He spends his free time with you, perhaps even more time than with his friends. Once a man falls in love and starts considering a girl as a potential partner, even the closest friends take the second place, and he will start spending more time with you.

He will try to make a good impression

Of course, he’s already impressed and conquered you. But he won’t stop at this stage. He will try his best to be polite with your parents and friends, to make a good impression on them, even if the only reason for this is the desire to make you happy.

He connects your personal space

There may be secrets in a relationship, but if a guy loves you deeply, he will try to erase the distance between his and your lives. He doesn’t mind if you know the details of his bank accounts or some passwords, he may also let you pick up his phone when somebody calls him. It is a sign of real trust.

He likes hugging you

Does your man happen to strongly hug you with no definite reason? He feels good while hugging you because he loves you. If hugs continue more than some seconds, our organism releases useful hormones, and he definitely feels it even if he doesn’t know this scientific background.

He considers your problems

Even if your boyfriend is too busy, he will still remember all the important dates in your life. If you have many things to do, he will be always there for you to help or support, at least. Perhaps, it is one of the most evident signs of his feelings. Remember that men don’t like solving additional problems if they don’t concern themselves.

He will change himself

If he loves you, he is ready to change his habits and lifestyle only to spend more time with you. He can even miss his favorite sports game or film just to help you or listen to you after a hard day.

He boasts of you

If he is not completely yours yet, he will avoid talking about you with other attractive girls, especially colleagues at work or girls he shares the same interests with. But once his attitude is serious, he will always boast of you, for example when you come to meet him, but not try to leave it unnoticed.

He shares his secrets with you

Secrets about some uncomfortable things are usually a sign of weakness because they make us vulnerable to others. However, if he loves you, he wants to share these secret things with you since he trusts you and loves you to such an extent that he is ready to share the most sacred moments.

You are always on his mind

He remembers about you constantly. He makes pleasant things even if you do not ask him. On his way home or to the place where you are going to meet, he may buy the thing you want because he knows you will like it, even if you haven’t asked.

He misses you, even if he doesn’t admit it

A boy that loves you won’t always tell you that he misses you because it sounds too down-to-earth. But the moment you see him, you will notice his shining eyes and a broad smile shouting “I love you!”

He doesn’t condemn you

He may joke over something you’ve done the wrong way, but he will always try to help without condemnation or critical remarks.

He is proud of you

He boasts of your success and keeps repeating that you are great because you’ve achieved something. A loving man will always be as happy about your achievements as he is about his own ones.    

He will surrender

If a man loves you, sometimes he will surrender to you just to see you smile.

He dreams

He is always talking about his plans and everything he wants to reach in life. No surprise that all his plans revolve around you and the things he will do for you to be happy and proud of him.

He indulges your whims.

Sometimes girls get nervous with no obvious reason. Sometimes they simply keep silent and wait that boys will guess what is going on with their mood. But if a boy loves you, he will calmly accept your hysterics without insults, simply apologize and try to lift up your mood, even if he doesn’t understand his fault.

Sweet details

He manifests his feelings through petty things you do not even notice. For example, he gives you a better drink or books a better place, unexpectedly orders you a song, cares about you when you get sick, and many other little things you may take for granted.

He simply tells you he loves you.

It is the most obvious variant. But keep in mind that men do not usually talk about their feelings like girls, so watch out his actions that speak louder than hundreds of sweet words.

In conclusion, remember a simple rule. A polite man will ask: “May I come?” “May I meet?” “May I help you?” A nice man will say: “I will come,” “I will meet,” “I will help.” A loving man will come, meet, and help.

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