She Doesn’t Treat Me Seriously

If a girl says that she doesn’t want a serious relationship, it is quite difficult to convince her of the opposite. You see, everything is pretty simple: if she says that she is not ready for a relationship, it means she doesn’t like you. However, it may also happen that a girl really has no time or desire to engage in a serious relationship. Let’s see what can be done in this case.

What should you do?

Think about why you need exactly this girl. Just because she looks nice? If this is the only reason, you are going to have a lot of troubles since beautiful girls never lack men’s attention. Imagine how you would feel when she will pay attention to other guys while at a date with you. That’s why you should think again if she is the best option for a long-time relationship.

Do the same in return. The best way to make a person do something is to prohibit them from doing it. Thus, be friendly and open-hearted. Tell that you also don’t need a serious relationship, and a girl would be hurt. Hearing this, most likely she is going to think “Well, why doesn’t he consider me as a potential partner? What’s wrong with me? What should I do to become that good for him?”

Show her you can be a good friend. Friendship is a basis for any serious relationship. If you have common interests and topics for discussion, you can always make her interested in spending time with you. Provided you spend time together you have more possibilities to become more than a friend to her. Besides, there are many successful love stories united by the same beginning: a guy becomes an irreplaceable friend for a girl he likes.

If she is telling you that she isn’t interested in a serious relationship, you must have shown her that you are in love with her. Many girls are scared of that, so don’t show your feelings anymore. Once she is ready, she will recollect everything with no efforts from your side. Bet you know that girls notice and remember sweet words very well.   

If you are friends, don’t forget about the power of touches. Occasional touches and hugs can make her consider you as a potential boyfriend. Besides, touching her as if by mistake you can check how she really feels about you. The point is that we never let a person we don’t like into our private space. Moreover, girls let themselves do much more things with male friends than guys may even suggest.

Non-verbal signals as a powerful weapon

Pay attention to non-verbal signals. She may keep telling you that she isn’t serious about you as a partner, but her body may send out just the opposite signals. So, when you are together check the following non-verbal clues. Is she

– smiling at you

– glancing at you from time to time

– avoiding looking at you when you look at her

– looking into your eyes for a long time

– playing with her hair

– touching your hand or shoulder

– laughing when you talk or finding even stupid jokes funny

– showing her neck

– licking her lips

– leaning her head to you

– trying to face you while sitting

– patting some object in her hand?

If you notice these signals, congratulations! She’s definitely on your hook, just doesn’t want to admit it.

Don’t ask a girl to be your sweetheart. Every time we make a girl face a choice, we risk losing her. That’s why there should be no frames or ceremonies. Walk with her and enjoy her company. Prove that you need nothing more from her (even if you know that isn’t true).

Take into consideration her interests. It sounds too obvious, but virtually all guys forget about it. For this reason, a girl may think that she is of no interest to you as a personality; hence, how can we talk about love?  

Useful tips

  • The majority of girls say that they don’t want a serious relationship only if they don’t like a guy. Due to the fact that it’s impossible to make others love us, it’s better to spend your power, time, and money on another girl answering you with reciprocity.
  • Very often people who have been hurt in the past find it difficult to engage in a relationship. That’s why you have no right to press and make a girl date you. If you are truly interested in her, give her as much time as she needs. Let it happen naturally, and she will appreciate your efforts.
  • To change other people’s attitude towards us, we have to change ourselves first. Start loving yourself. Become self-sufficient. A well-paid job, fascinating hobbies, successful friends. Then a girl will realize she’s made a mistake.
  • Be able to admit your defeat if a girl resists your charm. It’s much better to spend your time with another lady. Why fight for something that cannot be won?
  • Finally, if a girl rejects your suggestions, perhaps she has a beloved person already or she is secretly in love with another guy.

The points you should you know   

  • While you are trying to win a girl rejecting you, you are losing those who sincerely want to become your second half. Don’t restrict your choice.
  • The more you talk about your feelings at an early stage of your relationship, the more desperate you look. This scares any girl so that almost all girls will be running away from you. Thus, self-confidence and self-sufficiency are highly useful in a relationship.
  • Don’t fool yourself. If a girl walks with you, goes to cafes and cinemas, it doesn’t mean that she is your girlfriend. Girls like using guys giving nothing in return. Be wise enough to spot such manipulative behavior in order to avoid being fooled.
  • There are girls who merely adore men’s attention. At the same time, no man can become their boyfriend. These girls need attention not a relationship.
  • If she suggests staying friends with you, she isn’t interested in a long-term relationship.
  • There are a lot of girls around. Every man can find a girl who is waiting exclusively for him. Just believe in yourself and never give up!  

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