Are You Her Potential Match?

Are You Her Potential Match?

Surely, there are no perfect people. We realize it but still are looking for the right person. With women, everything is even more complicated. If you want to engage in a serious relationship with a girl you like, check out the list of 11 traits a potential husband should possess.


This trait is at the core of any relationship. That is why it is very important to stay faithful to your partner no matter what. Also, if she considers you as a potential husband, she is looking for an open-hearted and sincere partner she can trust and rely on. Remember that she considers you as a potential father of your kids as well, so bear in mind that you will also be an example for your children.

Keeping your promises

Men whose words diverge from actions scare off the majority of women. Keep in mind that it refers not only to a relationship but your professional life and family duties as well. Also, girls want you to be punctual! Yes, they do spend hours in front of a mirror when going for a date with you; and they are allowed to be late because they want to impress you with their beauty. But you’d better never dare come late, at least if you don’t have a bouquet of 101 red roses!


It is common practice with women to leave their parents’ home and start living with a husband; for this reason, they want their future partners to be understanding and sympathetic. Keep in mind that a woman will definitely ignore a man who doesn’t want to compromise or get rid of his bad habits.

Family values

It is a proven fact that if a man likes a girl, it takes him just 3 seconds to evaluate her as a sexual partner. Once a girl likes a guy, she automatically starts considering him as a future husband and parents of their children. A woman always wants her man to care for her family and treat her parents as if they were his as well. She will never marry a man who is likely to disrespect her family. Besides, a woman wants her admirer to satisfy all needs of their family and care for close people when needed.


Every person regardless of sex likes to feel beloved and cared for; that is why all women are searching for men who can accept their true self and love for who they are without trying to change them.

Here we should distinguish between two types of love. Women tend to look for attention and respect rather than for physical love and everyday mechanical compliments. This way, women feel proud of their choice. By the way, as for compliments, make sure they are profound enough and rather eloquent; otherwise, you risk being called an insensitive robot that cannot distinguish between 50 shades of her favorite lipstick.

Quite often, partners get offended because they fail to understand each other’s needs. Thus, if you don’t choose your woman as a priority every day but show too much physical drive at night, your relationship may be doomed. Change your attitude as soon as possible, and you will see that she will treat you differently, too.  


Women like partners who encourage and support them when they have to make serious decisions. Ladies prefer men who see their best version and help them to reach career peaks.

Sense of humor

It goes without saying that life is dull and grey without humor. A swift sense of humor usually helps us to look at a definite situation from a different perspective or find an unexpected solution to a problem! Women love men who can make them laugh. It doesn’t mean that men should be clowns, but the moment when you make your beloved girl laugh even in the most desperate situation will undoubtedly win her heart! What is more, we remember exactly our state beside people, that is why if you make your woman smile, these memories will warm her heart for a long time.

Sexual satisfaction.

As well as men, women like sex, that is why physical satisfaction is important for them, too. Especially, if we are talking about marriage. A sexual act may push her away or, vice versa, make her feel emotionally comfortable by your side.


Women like goal-driven partners who have distinct goals and know how to achieve them. Lazy men would hardly attract any lady. Motivated partners who are determined and success-oriented are the objects of their dreams. You may doubt it, but even housewives want their husbands to fulfill their ambitions.

Financial stability

Most men typically wonder why women are looking for rich men. The answer is quite evident; women simply seek men who can satisfy the financial needs of a potential family. If a couple has no stable source of income and a financial crisis is not an exception but a routine problem, it would be definitely hard to avoid problems in the future. It happens so because women prefer financial stability in a marital union. Quite a fair expectation, what do you think? Remember the times when men were hunting for mammoths and women were humbly waiting for their providers? Right you are, times have changed, but traditions are hard to eradicate.


Women like self-confident men who know what they want from life. Also, women occasionally want their partners to give them a wise piece of advice. Moreover, what can be better than an intelligent interlocutor exuding self-confidence?


Well, now you know what women want from their men and what traits you need to develop. How many of them do you possess so far? However, if you see that you miss something from this list, do not get disappointed! You have to be stubborn, ambitious, and humorous, remember? Define what traits you need to develop and start working on yourself! There are no boundaries to perfection, but a woman that really loves you and cares for you, will definitely appreciate your efforts and help you to become the best version of yourself! Here you go!

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